Interested in Becoming a Judge at Porkapalooza 2019?

Certified Barbeque Judge and Table Captain classes in Alberta take place soon. Learn more.

Only KCBS-qualified Certified Barbeque Judges and Table Captains may participate in KCBS-sanctioned competitions worldwide, including Porkapalooza.

We are currently seeking judges.


Interested in volunteering at Porkapalooza 2019?

Porkapalooza volunteers get to be up-close and personal with festival organizers and barbeque teams, providing the hands-on service that’s so greatly appreciated by everyone.

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us.

Email volunteer@porkapalooza.ca to inquire.


Interested in becoming a vendor at Porkapalooza 2019?

Guests come hungry and want to leave happy. You can be a part of that by becoming a vendor at Porkapalooza!

Food vendors are currently being evaluated.

Accepted vendors will be contacted by the Edmonton Expo Centre.


Musicians Interested in performing at Porkapalooza 2019?

Music at Porkapalooza keeps guests and teams entertained alike!

Music applications are currently being evaluated.

Thanks to all groups that have inquired so far.