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  • Porkapalooza is a KCBS-sanctioned competition. If you have not already done so, familiarize yourself with the competition rules prior to applying. A BBQ team information guide is available for further reference.
  • Porkapalooza is a two-day festival with optional categories (Chef’s Choice, Kids’ Challenge) on Saturday and traditional KCBS categories (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Beef Brisket) on Sunday. KCBS categories are not optional, and all teams must compete in all KCBS categories or else risk disqualification.
  • Most competitors arrive on-site for set-up on Friday evening or early Saturday morning and will be asked to remain on-site until Sunday evening when the public festival hours have ended.
  • While Porkapalooza is a barbeque festival first, we invite members of the general public to attend. Many of our guests are interested in learning more about competition barbeque, and teams are encouraged to interact with guests in a friendly manner.
  • In previous years, Porkapalooza has attracted protesters. All members of the public are welcome at Porkapalooza, but because the festival takes place on private property, festival organizers reserve the right to remove any guest at any time. Teams are explicitly instructed not to engage with any individuals protesting on public property outside the festival grounds. If you encounter any issues with protestors inside the festival grounds, please notify a festival organizer immediately.
  • If you love to have fun and hang out with great people while smoking delicious meat, Porkapalooza could be the right fit for you!

Who is competing at Porkapalooza 2020?

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Certified Barbeque Judge and Table Captain classes in Alberta took place in May 2019. Learn more.

Only KCBS-qualified Certified Barbeque Judges and Table Captains may participate in KCBS-sanctioned competitions worldwide, including Porkapalooza.

The next call-out for judges at Porkapalooza will occur in 2020.

Accepted judges will be contacted by the Porkapalooza organizers.