The food demonstration stage gives everyone the opportunity to learn all about the culinary art of BBQ from the artists themselves. Join some of our favourite chefs for a fun and educational experience!

This year will feature Chefs such as:

Diva Q (Danielle Bennett)

As a certified BBQ expert she has taught BBQ to thousands in addition to judging, and providing consultations with companies in product and development.

With multiples of grand championships and over 400 BBQ & grilling awards including a world Pork championship, World Grilling Championship and a world Bacon Championship in addition to 25+ perfect scores – she has more than proven herself a fierce competitor. She has competed multiples of times at the prestigious Jack Daniels Invitational World Championship & the World Series of BBQ the American Royal Invitational.

She appears on Food Network as an expert BBQ judge, Travel Channel, TLC, A&E, BBQ Pitmasters, Chopped, America Grills, the Today show, Marilyn Denis, Esquire, Appetit and has been featured in hundreds of print magazines and online articles with her expertise. Her 3 year TV show BBQ Crawl was featured in over 150 Countries.

Like a kid in a candy store she has an insatiable appetite for all things BBQ grilling and she lives by the motto:


Life is Too Short for bad BBQ®