Want to Compete at Porkapalooza?


It’s all about the thrill of the grill here at Porkapalooza! Through the past 5 years we have had teams join us from all over Canada to get a taste of the sweet sticky glory that is KCBS BBQ competition. If you are interested in joining us at Porkapalooza June 15-16th 2019 there are a few things to consider.

  1. Porkapalooza is a KCBS sanctioned festival. You might want to get familiar with the rules, or even consider a judging course to understand what you’re aiming for (keep your eyes peeled for course date announcements)
  2. Porkapalooza is a 2 day festival with ancillary categories on Saturday, and traditional KCBS categories (Chicken, Ribs, Pork, Beef Brisket) on Sunday. Please note that KCBS categories are not optional.
  3. The majority of competitors arrive to set up for the competition on Friday and early Saturday morning and will be asked to stay on site until Sunday evening when the festival hours are done. This is a public festival, as well as a BBQ competition and we encourage the opportunity for the public to learn more about BBQ technique.

Applications for the BBQ competition will open early spring 2019. We encourage you to hold the date (June 15 & 16) and email us at info@porkapalooza.ca with any questions

Porkapalooza is Canada’s largest BBQ Festival and was host to 51 teams this year! Congrats to all of the competitors, and we can’t wait to see you next year!

Competition results here: https://www.kcbs.us/event/7732/porkapalooza-bbq-festival


Our BBQ Competitors for 2018


You Need a BBQ
Rocky Mountain Smokers
Frozen Toque BBQ
Smokehouse BBQ
Hog Heads Barbecue
Natural Born Grillers Ab.
Rack Addicts
Rusty’s Smoke BBQ
Prairie Smoke & Spice
Barrel Chicken co.
Four Hogs & The Smokin’ Rack
We BB Smokin
Eggmonton Stogie Smokers
Sweet Smoke BBQ
Grizzly Paw Smokers
Meat Sweats BBQ AB
MeatHeads and Bean BBQ
Black Bull BBQ
Moody Q
Smoke’m If You Got’m
Smokin hott butts
The Grill Geek
Arrowhead North BBQ
Rocky Mountain Smokehouse
House of Q
The Devil made Me q it
Fireweed Barbecue
Smokin’ Sowbellies
Motley Que
Baby J and the Brothers
Porkin bbq
Wonk’N Roll BBQ
Porky fatstacks bbq and social club
403 BBBQ Co
Pa D Whack Smokers
Hogparts School of Smokecraft and Brew’ery
Vegan tears
SMIB: Smoking Meat Intense BBQ
Dos Smokin Bros
Smokey Beard BBQ
Olde Smokey BBQ shack





For Porkapalooza 2017 BBQ competition results click here