Who are the good folks of BBQ who have signed up for Porkapalooza? Meet the Teams of 2018!

It’s 2018, Porkapalooza’s 5th year and we are looking to celebrate with 50 BBQ teams to compete in our KCBS sanctioned BBQ competition!

(Find more information on the competition and how to enter your team here)


 1. Pork. The one you love.

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Alberta Pork teams up with some of our favourite pork loving friends and special guests on this saucy BBQ team.


2. You Need a BBQ

Hailing from Sherwood Park, AB

Award winning competition BBQ team, competing in KCBS BBQ contests. Pit Masters: Russell Bird and Ron Yoneda. Team members: Jason Anderson and Jeff Dewald

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3. Rocky Mountain Smokers

Hailing from Calgary, AB

RMS have been competing competitively for the last 8 years, winning awards and accolades everywhere they compete! They are one of the most successful and well-respected BBQ teams in Canada. They have competed in every province from BC to Quebec, as well as Montana, Georgia and Tennessee. In 2017, they were one of three Canadian teams selected to represent Canada at the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational BBQ, finishing with 12th best brisket and 11th best dessert in the world! RMS are also active members of the Canadian BBQ Society, with Pitmaster Kris Valckx the current President of that organization.


4. Frozen Toque BBQ

Hailing from Beaumont, AB

Frozen Toque is lead by our pit master Christopher. He has traveled many parts of the world, seeking culinary knowledge from many world champs in BBQ. While on these adventures he has met and become friends with BBQ experts around the world, and it shows in the quality and attention to detail for each judge turn in box.

Christopher started out in the BBQ scene, in the judging tents, in Texas, and in 2017 he hung up his judge’s nameplate and started Frozen Toque to become a competitive chef.

Team-mates include Ken, Adrian, and Kent all who share the passion for great food, good conversation, and socializing!!

Come see us at Porkapolooza, we are always open to ask questions, provide thoughts, share knowledge and enjoy BBQ!!

Frozen Toque BBQ

5. Smokehouse BBQ

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Smokehouse BBQ Q Team , local restaurant , food truck operators and competitors with a passion for BBQ , our pit master has spent time with some of the greats of bbq including Myron Mixon and Mike & Amy Mills learning the craft from the best in the business . We love to compete and have been lucky enough to get at least 1 call in every completion we have been in , we love to cook , hand with our buddies and have fun ,

Blues , Brews & BBQ is our motto

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6. Hog Heads Barbecue

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Family team that is passionate about making great BBQ and experimenting with unique flavours.

7. Alberta Bones BBQ

Hailing from Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Albertabonesbbq is all about great food and memory making experiences with friends and family.

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8. Natural Born Grillers AB

Hailing from Drayton Valley, AB

Purveyor’s of finely smoked meats and beverage connoisseur’s. Competing in Kansas City Bar-B-Q competitions.

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9. Rack Addicts

Hailing from Calgary, AB

2017 Rookie year. 2 Top 10 finishes, 5th Chicken and 9th Pork at Smokin’ Q

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10. BBQ Team NAIT

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is a team consisting of students and graduates who all share a love for cooking and BBQ. When you specialize in cooking/food, you know they’re going to be BBQing something amazing.

11. Rusty’s Smoke BBQ

Hailing from Blue Mountains, ON

Rusty’s BBQ is a BBQ competition team, part time Caterer. Check in to see what’s cooking, recipes, and where we will be next!

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12. Prairie Smoke & Spice

Hailing from Regina, SK

Celebrating our 10th season of competition barbecue, we look forward to coming back to Porkapalooza!

Welcome to Prairie Smoke & Spice, the home of genuine pit-smoked BBQ catering in Southern Saskatchewan. What started with a sample of real barbeque in Texas in 2002  has turned into a consuming passion to produce the best, most authentic ‘Q available in the Canada.  This dream is now a reality as Prairie Smoke & Spice has won many awards on the competition circuit, including the World Champion title in Chef’s Choice at the Jack Daniels World Championships, and the Canadian National BBQ Championships in Whistler, B.C.


13. Barrel Chicken Co.

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Barrel Chicken co hit the Alberta BBQ scene in 2017. We nailed 4th place in Brisket cooking in our Ugly Drum Smokers at last years Porkapalooza in our first BBQ Competition ever! Jonathan Chaffee is the owner and pit master of Barrel Chicken, Jeff Tschabold is our incredible custom BBQ designer, and Eli Lefort our ace in the kitchen for new and exciting culinary creations.

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14. Barked Stock

Hailing from Spruce Grove, AB

Just a bunch of guys that like to smoke and drink. There for fun.


15. We BB Smokin

Hailing from Spruce Grove, AB

Just a couple guys who love smoking meat. And drink occasionally as well.


16. Eggmonton Stogie Smokers

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

The Eggmonton Stogie Smokers have been Egging for over ten years. We hold an annual private charity EggFest every summer (10th Annual this year) so we can share our love of BBQ and great cigars. Our four team members are of diverse backgrounds and the last time we competed we finished 13th overall. This year the plan is to rocket all the way to 12th! Eric “Chill-man” Filpula our pit master is a Maestro of Ribs, and one mean herder of cats. Aaron “Egghead” Rhodes specializes in all things Brisket and can Egg-sit all night. Curtis “Smokey” Webber is a cigar smoking champion and dabbles in the art of Bite-Through Chicken Skin. Andrew “No Relation” Horton is a fan of sharp things and all things swine. We’re super excited to be back after a one year hiatus during which we have honed our smoking skills even more. We also worked on our BBQ!


17. Q-Up

Hailing from Wainwright, AB

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18. Sweet Smoke BBQ

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

These underdog rookies have been smoking and grilling for the last ten years sharpening their skills to enter in this, their first competition. Come on by and say hi!



Hailing from Calgary, AB

Competing since 2013. First place brisket at BBQ on the bow, numerous top ten finish’s

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20. Grizzly Paw Smokers

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Everyone that has tried our q has said it was excellent!…so the next logical step was to participate in a competition. We watched a few videos and read a few books…I think we are set! Actually we are very nervous but looking forward to this challenge!

21. Meat Sweats BBQ AB

Hailing from Manning, AB

This will be our 3rd season of competition. We are still pretty new, lots to learn, hoping to win but in the end just havin’ fun!!

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22. MeatHeads and Bean BBQ

Hailing from Tofield, AB

Just a father and sons team wanting to have a great experience. I love bbq’ing, and my 7 year old had been training by watching pit master on Netflix. HAHA Its was his suggestion to do this, and I thought it would be a lot of fun.

23. Black Bull BBQ

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

We have a restaurant in Edmonton call The Black Bull – Kitchen and bar. 
We are two friends who loves to cook and meet up new friends. “Cooking has always been our passion, We like to experiment with different tastes and textures, tingeing from the deferent culinary, culture to create our own personal recipes. However, we try to remain faithful to the authentic,  traditions, flavours, and ingredients.This is our second year and we hoping to bring the best to the judge table.
Black Bull BBQ Team.
(Admin note – these guys are so photogenic that we feature them all the time!)

24. Moody Q

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

I moved to Edmonton 3 years ago and started smoking 2 summers ago. I am a baker at work and self proclaimed pitmaster when I get home. I cook out in the front yard almost every weekend and feed the neighbors who pop over frequently! Last year I competed for my first time with team Smokin Aces doing chicken and the chef’s choice. This is my first time competing on my own team alongside my Dad, Alan, who started smoking meat himself last summer back in Manitoba after getting hungry with all the food pictures I frequently send. Helping us with moral support and dish washing are Mom, Corinne and Auntie Joanne. We are excited and looking forward to this challenge of competition BBQ!


25. Smoke’m If You Got’m

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Smoke’m if you Got’m Is a crew of fun loving Traegermen and Woman of the bbq’n variety that occasionally turns to a Green Egg to spice things up. Competition weekend is all about team work, cooking with wood, seasoning with smoke and throwing in a few libations!

Our team consists of a “pizzaiolo”, a team mixologist and an Eggs Benedict chef to keep the team fed and watered. We also have a team hair model sporting the latest hair fashions, a sci-fi “Hatter” and a potter who creates custom dishes for the team and finally our CEO who is all knowing and powerful. He keeps us minions in line and on the path to Smoking greatness.

26. Smokin hott butts

Hailing from Camrose, AB

Only competed once so far at the BBQ on the Elbow but won 4th on brisket. We are a rookie team but we are bringing custom rubs and sauces and spent all winter perfecting our recipes. This year we plan on placing in all categories! We are from Camrose and Calgary.



27. The Grill Geek

Hailing from Edmonton, AB


28. SmellaQue

Hailing from Calgary, AB

BBQ fills the bellies of our family and friends. It allows us to share the gift of DELICIOUSNESS and the joy that is BBQ. We especially love that we are able to travel North America sharing this passion.


29. QE2 BBQ

Hailing from Red Deer, AB

Rookie team consisting of my mom and my best friend. Started as a hobby and has quickly turned into a passion.

30. BK BBQ

Hailing from Didsbury, AB

Barry Kreiser and Bernie Kenny have joined together as BK BBQ. We are both seasoned veterans and hope to be able to put it all together this year for a GC


31. Arrowhead North BBQ

Hailing from White City, Saskatchewan

Arrowhead North BBQ is a family team based out of White City, Saskatchewan. This will be our fourth year competing at Porkapalooza and it just might be our favourite event on the circuit. Due to superstitions – I’m afraid I can’t tell you why we like it so much…let’s just say we’re on a bit of a roll.

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32. Rocky Mountain Smokehouse

Hailing from Calgary, AB

Backyard BBQ, turned competition BBQ after manufacturing a custom offset smoker trailer.

33. House of Q

Hailing from Surrey, BC

Awarded as the top Pitmaster in Canada in 2014, rib champion at the World Food Championships and the Reserve Grand Champion at the first-ever Porkapalooza. Looking forward to upgrading this year!

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34. Big Boy BBQ

Hailing from Saskatchewan


35. The Devil made me Q it

Hailing from Saskatoon, SK

We are a competition BBQ team from Saskatoon and have been competing for 7 years. Team members Evan Cole and Kent Hanson have been steadily rising in the standings and finished with two third place finished last year.

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36. J&J BBQ

Hailing from Wabamun, AB

We are a family bbq team that started competing at Porkapalooza in 2016.  After judging in 2015 and our family knew right away that we wanted to try our hand at competing. We are excited to finally break out of rookie status at this years Porkapalooza.

37. Fireweed Barbecue

Hailing from Calgary, AB

Established in 2017, we are a team spanning three generations. Last year, our notable achievements include 3rd Place Chef’s Choice at Porkapalooza, 10th place Ribs at BBQ on the Elbow, and 7th Place Brisket at BBQ on the Bow. This will be our 6th competition and can’t wait to bond over meat with family and friends.


38. Smoke & Ash 

Hailing from Spruce Grove, AB

Smoke & Ash Restaurant in Acheson AB. We started our little company in a parking lot in Spruce Grove using 3 Pitboss Smokers and a 6′ x 12′ utility trailer. Since then we advanced to a full size food truck and a restaurant. Kelly and Shirley love serving up big portions of BBQ and seeing smiling faces on our customers. We have been heavily encouraged by a number of customers especially YEG Foodie to go into competition. So here we are Rookie Team and our first competition. Hope to have a lot of fun and see a lot of smiles.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor


39. Smokin’ Sowbellies

Hailing from Peace River, AB


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40. Motley Que

Hailing from Edmonton, AB

Between hangovers we’ve managed to find the time to put out a line of Sauces & Rubs while taking a few walks in almost every comp we’ve competed in….look for us to step it up this porkaplaooza….either the hangovers.or the bbq….maybe even both!

41. Baby J and the Brothers

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba!

Baby J’s stated in Winnipeg about 11 years ago. A few years ago half the team, including Baby J, moved to St. Albert so Porkapalooza is now the only chance the we get to reunite and BBQ competitively. We’re also known as “Nuthin” Fancy” because that’s really what we are! LOL! We are backyard barbequers that like to compete once or twice a year. We’ve always enjoyed competing at Porkapalooza and we’re looking forward to returning this year.

42. Porkin BBQ

Hailing from Camrose, AB


43. Wonk’N Roll BBQ

Hailing from Wetaskiwin, AB

3rd time is a charm this Wetaskiwin crew is aiming high this time around. #doublepan #gravityfed #beast!


44. Porky Fatstacks BBQ and Social Club

Hailing from AB

Porky FatStacks BBQ & Social Club was founded by Kerem Kozak, Jesse Bajnok and Ryan Pelzel in 2013. Cooking with integrated BBQ fundamentals from Alberta and Texas. Initially entering Calgary’s BBQ on the Bow competition to see how their

BBQ ranked compared to others. The team got hooked on the excitement, camaraderie and culture that is the BBQ world and have been competing ever since. Having taken a hiatus in 2017,  PFS is ready to get rid of the rust and make an impact for 2018.

In ten (10) competitions PFS have earned:
– Two (2)  1st place calls in Brisket
– One (1)  6th place call in Brisket
– One(1)  4th place call in Ribs
– Two (2)  2nd place call in Pork (Pulled Pork)

-One (1)  3rd place call in Pork (Pulled Pork)

– Five (5) top 10 overall finishes
– One top 5 overall finish

The team is all about great friends, great food and great times. The “Social Club” is used to refer to our tremendous network of friends & family that eat, drink, and party with us in addition to providing us with extreme amounts of support and guidance. 


45. 403 BBBQ Co

Hailing from Red Deer, AB


46. Pa D Whack Smokers

Hailing from Camrose, AB

Pa D Whack smokers is the proud name of our family BBQ Team.  My wife Dawn loves BBQ and loves to cook, and I think it’s the only reason she keeps me.  When she learned I can cook, and I have a 5th Wheel, she was all in.  We have been backyard BBQ addicts for the bast 8 yrs, and when the Smoker fleet grew to 10 we decided this is becoming an addiction.  So rather than lessen up, we decided to go hard.  We are proud parents of 6 kids who all love to eat!  Their wish is always BBQ, so we have honed our skills feeding he little rascals. We have visited both Porkapalooza and BBQ on the Bow a few times as visitors, and now realize the true fun comes from being involved.  We are extremely excited to meet all of the grizzled vets, and hopefully we can prove we belong!

47. Hogparts School of Smokecraft and Brew’ery

Hailing from Airdrie, AB


48. Vegan Tears

Hailing from Sherwood Park, AB


 49. SMIB: Smoking Meat Intense BBQ

Hailing from Airdrie, AB


50. Dos Smokin Bros

Hailing from Saskatchewan

We are a rookie bbq team that started out with two buddies and a dream hence the Spanish term of two Smokin Bros. You can follow us on instagram @ dossmokinbros