We are hoping for more teams than ever before! Don’t hesitate to enter, this competition is open to those with or without experience. If you love BBQ and feel that you can compete in the 4 categories, or even want to give it a shot, we encourage you to do so!

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Meet the Teams of 2017


Meat Sweats BBQ (Tyler Stone)

I started BBQ’ing around Christmas 2015 as my cousin Mike Mulloy with Smokapalooza kept wanting me to come check out an event like Porkapalooza. Finally I decided to go and in spring 2016 I helped my cousin Scott Malcolm with Natural Born Grillers at the Smokin’ Q at Lynnwood Ranch. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t for the next event which was Porkapalooza at Commonwealth last summer.

I started Meat Sweats BBQ AB last fall, registered with KCBS and started practicing for this year’s competitions. I practiced a lot, to the point where my wife said she had enough smoked meats and couldn’t wait to eat a salad. I said “I could probably smoke a salad, let’s try it.” She didn’t have a lot of “haha’s” for me when I said that. But for me, I loved it, always trying to figure out the best way to prepare the meat, best way to rub it, what temp, how long, when’s it done etc., it was all part of the fun. There was stuff that didn’t turn out great, not great at all but with some practice and figuring out what did I do wrong, I was able to produce some pretty good stuff.

How did I come up with the team name? Well, it started back in college when my younger brother and I were living together and going to GPRC. Of course it being his first year away from Momma’s cooking I’d have to do all the cooking so he wouldn’t starve. So I’d order pizza, meat lovers of course and make sure he was fed. We’d eat til we were full plus a little more and my brother would say “I got the meat sweats!!” So when I was trying to come up with a name I though Meat Sweats BBQ would be pretty catchy. Hope you like it.


porKIN BBQ (Camrose Kinsmen)

Hi, we are the Camrose Kinsmen and this year we are entering a team in porkapolooza called porKIN BBQ 

The start of this team for us is to get the kin name out into the public and start a new tradition with good friends and good food.We look forward to meeting new people and having some laughs along the way. I can’t speak for the rest of the team but my favourite cut of pork is St. Louis cut ribs all the way!

What makes us unique is so many different background and skill levels in bbq. We also make our own rubs and we are also bringing a signature home made bourbon BBQ sauce that balances the sweet and the hot. We can’t wait to see how the judges like it! Our name came from our love of pork and our love for Kin Canada “PorKIN BBQ”. We have large team as many in the club are excited and what guy doesn’t want to say he has competed in professional BBQ?!